Noa Sainz

Performing ‘Voluntad’, a melodic expression around our relation to time.

Noa Sainz’s MAD RITE is the first live performance of her newest single titled “Voluntad”. The song was written, composed and produced by Noa during lockdown and was released the 2nd of March this year.

Overall, the act appears as a fresh synthesis of subjectivities around an untimely event for humanity and reflects on the habit of rushing through our day-to-day life; a generalized pattern that misplaces our present.

The rite is charged with a youthful and feminine spirit that invites us to respond wisely to the pace in which life unfolds and suggests letting it run its intrinsic course. A combination between Noa’s voice, body language and musical composition articulates a powerful release that takes us through a journey of acceptance in a shared present condition.

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