Disco Bahía

Performing ‘Pacífico' a dream-like celebration around the act of leaving.

Disco Bahía’s MAD RITE features their single ‘Pacífico’, the session invites us to take part in an electro-pop dance influenced by the 70s glamour and disco.

The rite starts off by walking us through a dream-like atmosphere with a mellow saxophone intro while a suggestion is made through the song’s title; enter a state of calmness after surrendering to a situation that no longer serves you.

Although open to interpretation, the lyrics give us clues to the meaning of acceptance and remind us that every cycle can be lived as a celebration.

On a melodic note, we can understand the role of the saxophone as the one that ties the song’s purpose all together. As a wind instrument, with its closeness to the pace of air, it unveils a lesson on what leaving and returning to one self is about.

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