Bahía de Ascenso

Performing ‘Tribal’, a lively resonance; our first Mad Rite.

The first of Mad Monk Studios' MAD RITES is held by Bahía de Ascenso; an experimental orchestra led by keyboardist and composer Roberto Verastegui.

For this rite titled “Tribal”, the compositions written by Verastegui are interpreted by the musicians in an intuitive and independent way. This particular method opens space for a horizontal collaboration in which, as its name suggests, a mixture of idiosyncrasies is assembled to articulate one same language.

Recorded live in Mexico City, you can clearly feel as if the rite were to announce something where there is no secrecy and no space left for silence. Therefore the collaboration results in a hypnotic tie of shared sensibilities that responds to an immediate environment in a direct and radical manner.

In a ceremonial way, a moment is held in rhythmic tension to compose an act of resistance that goes beyond spoken language.

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